1 Loupe, 3 Magnifications

Changing loupes during procedures is an interruption for dentists and a distraction for patients. If you’re tired of changing loupes between patients or procedures because you need a different magnification, the Orascoptic EyeZoom might be just what you’re looking for. The world’s first and only 3-in-1 variable magnification loupe, the EyeZoom allows users to switch seamlessly between 3 magnification levels—3x, 4x, and 5x—and never miss a beat. With EyeZoom, clinicians can keep the same loupes on whether they’re placing implants and crowns or doing complex microsurgery and suturing.

“I've used Orascoptic loupes for almost 25 years now and I’ve always found excellent optical quality,” said James W. Davis, DMD of Springfield, IL. “But I always had to use 2 loupes—a low power for exams and hygiene checks and since I am a periodontist, a high power for surgery. I love the EyeZoom loupes because now I can change magnification and the field of view on the fly,” he explained.

Wide Field, High Resolution: Achieve The Best Of Both

Weighing just 3 oz, the award-winning EyeZoom provides both high resolution and a wide field of view, two features that don’t normally exist together on other fixed magnification loupes. The working distance and declination angle of all Orascoptic loupes are are custom-fit to each user.

“I absolutely recommend these EyeZoom loupes to other dentists,” added Dr. Davis. “The optical quality, variable magnification, and comfort are stand-out features. My workflow is easier because I’m not having to change loupes between patients or procedures. I can work in them all day!” he said.

The "Light" Advantage

Orascoptic has your lighting needs covered as well. Orascoptic's exclusive TruColor technology is available across their full range of headlights, providing breakthrough color rendering that delivers more natural reds, yellows, and whites. This allows clinicians to more accurately identify tissue colors and match shades. The vivid color rendered with all TruColor lights is due to a CRI of 90+, which far exceeds the industry standard of ˜70.

Dr. Davis uses the Endeavour TruColor headlight for a precise focused beam of light delivered evenly across the field of view. Weighing in at just .38 oz, it delivers 3 light intensity levels of 32/53/68 lumens and features convenient capacitive touch controls that allow clinicians to quickly adjust light settings without having to reach into their jacket pocket.

“The battery packs continue to work well even after years of being recharged daily, and I like the crisp light that is consistent from edge-to-edge of the field,” added Dr. Davis.

This was originally published on Dental Product Shopper.