Technology and Excellence

Craftsmanship, the skill and art of creating items, has long been associated with handmade manufacturing processes. When thinking of luxury items, the specific identification of an article as ‘hand crafted’ connotes quality, expertise and artistry. This perception holds true for both products and services. Many healthcare professions, including dentistry, have a proud heritage in the hands-on delivery of clinical and aesthetic care by dentists, specialists and dental hygienists. Dexterity, handiness and manual agility are valued attributes in our profession.

Orascoptic was founded nearly 35 years ago to hand craft the highest quality loupes and lights for dental and medical clinicians. The brand proudly distinguished itself by the fact that our visualization and illumination devices were hand made in the USA.

Elon Musk recently noted, ‘I think the single best piece of advice I got was: constantly think about how you could be doing things better.’ Orascoptic has been on the path of innovation since its inception. Advancement in CAD/CAM, imaging, precision manufacturing, 3D printing and lasers have afforded us the opportunity to re-invent our craftsmanship and innovate our manufacturing process over the past two years, driving quality and customer experience improvements in our industry.

Over the past year, the company made significant investments introducing advanced technologies to automate and optimize the quality of our manufacturing facility. Orascoptic is the only loupe manufacturer in North America with its own state-of-the-art lenses and ocular assembly labs. Last year we launched Optikam, a precision technology driven measurement system that eliminates the need for manual measurements. This year we introduced a sophisticated CAD/CAM technology to precision drill lenses to achieve a new level of customization in placement of oculars into loupes. Lastly, we are in the process of manufacturing new laser guided devices to ensure the convergence of oculars to the clinician’s working distance is exact and accurate. An added benefit of these substantial investments is a significant reduction in manufacturing time, which will allow us to reduce our lead times in the future.

Technology has not given way to our proud craftsmanship, though. Orascoptic still has talented craftsmen and women who work throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the quality of each device, and to manually test final loupes and lights before they are shipped to our valued customers.

Technology is the driver behind the process of change and will set new standards in visualization and illumination devices both on quality and durability. Craftsmanship at Orascoptic has evolved to establish a great coexistence of manual skill and talent with advanced technology and machinery. Orascoptic will continue to stand by its commitment of continuous improvement and innovation as this is a necessary condition for delivering the best loupes and lights to clinicians world-wide.

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