Orascoptic Introduces Endeavour™ MD

Madison, WI – September 15, 2023 – Orascoptic, the leader in superior vision solutions for clinicians introduces Endeavour™ MD – a surgical headlight designed to emit high-levels of light while sustaining a longer run-time, exclusively available to those in the surgical field.


The Endeavour MD delivers up to twenty-four hours of light output. The use of constant-current technology also ensures light output will not diminish over the run-time of the battery pack. Designed with lightweight comfort and power in mind, the Endeavour MD employs Orascoptic’s smallest headlight and longest-running battery pack. A precise spot evenly distributes up to 85 lumens of light across the entire field of view, while the cool white light assists with shade matching.


A new easy-use switch allows the operator to choose between three light intensity levels ranging from low, medium, to high; selecting the optimal light intensity for varying procedures, all without reaching into one’s pocket. Endeavour MD is available with two battery packs to ensure a smooth experience for each user.

A dependable and lightweight headlight solution, Endeavour MD is Orascoptic’s optimal light for surgeons.

Learn more about Endeavour MD at https://www.orascoptic.com/en-us/endeavour-md



About Orascoptic

Orascoptic has been designing and manufacturing award-winning surgical loupes and light systems in Wisconsin, USA for over 40 years. Our products assist clinicians around the globe in delivering better procedural outcomes through superior visualization. As long as dental and medical professionals rely on enhanced vision to deliver the best patient care, Orascoptic will be on the forefront in developing magnification and illumination technology.


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For more information, contact:

Shelle Wade, Senior Global Marketing Leader 608-982-6468 | shelle.wade@envistaco.com www.orascoptic.com

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