Don't take our word for it.

"I'm currently using the EyeZoom™. It has three different magnifications: 3x,4x,5x. I usually use the 4x and, if I want to get really close up I'll go to the 5x. If I want more of an overview I'll go to the 3x magnification. It's very versatile."

Jim Tauschek, DDS

For 7 out of 9 years of being a practicing dentist I have used my Orascoptic loupes and light! Awesome clarity for enhanced clinical detail, supports great and comfortable working distance from patient, and most importantly supports ergonomic neck and back posture. I have not once had any neck or back pain since using these loupes. I never work without them! ❞

With all the recent advancements in PPE, I don't know what I would do without my loupes. My loupes allow me to stay safe while seeing all the important details from a distance. ❞

My Orascoptic loupes have helped prevent eye strain, especially after working so many hours without a break in the clinic. Dentistry is an art that requires precise instrumentation and design. My Orascoptic loupes have drastically improved my ability to see detail at a distance so I can continue to provide exceptional care for my patients. ❞

My Orascoptic loupes are my favorite tool to ensure my patients health as well as my own. ❞

These loupes are everything! I know that when I wear my Orascoptic RDH Elite ™ loupes, I can see every detail in the mouth so clearly from a distance. It is important to me to be as thorough and precise as possible when treating all my patients and even more important that I help maintain my posture in the chair each day for career longevity! Thanks for these second set of eyeballs! ❞

I have been a dental hygienist for 6 years and a dental student for 1 year, and I swear by my Orascoptic loupes. The clarity of the telescopes allow me to view my working field with enhanced clinical detail to ensure that my patients are getting the best possible care. These loupes have been a game changer in my career! ❞

Not only is vision important to me but also longevity in my career. Wearing my Orascoptic loupes allows me to focus on my posture and still provide optimal detail at a distance ❞

Every professional needs their tools and my Orascoptic loupes are an essential part of mine! They are lightweight and have a wireless headlight option. It helps me keep my distance especially during the current situation with COVID-19, whilst being able to see every detail. I cannot imagine working without them! ❞

I've been using my Orascoptic loupes and light for years and can't imagine going a day without them. The precise detail from a distance is unmatched as I've tried a few other competitors in the past. Loving my Orascoptic loupes! ❞

My Orascoptic loupes have made a huge difference in my clinical performance. Working with magnification has enhanced my ability to see even the smallest detail allowing me to deliver the highest quality of care to my patients! ❞

Orascoptic loupes are the single most critical component of my surgical equipment. These custom high-magnification and wide field of view loupes allow the removal of most brain tumors without the assistance of a microscope, thereby shortening operative time and improving surgical ergonomics via an optimal working distance. ❞

My Orascoptic loupes are ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to giving my patients the best overall treatment. The magnification and illumination combined help me to see every important detail, not to mention help my ergonomics tremendously. Thank you, Orascoptic! ❞

My Orascoptic loupes have been instrumental in my ability to perform dentistry! I love being able to see such minuscule detail with crystal clear clarity. The 3.5 magnification allows me to keep proper ergonomics without losing any detail. Nothing but love for my loupes! ❞

I’ve been using my Orascoptic loupes and light ever since residency. They help maintain proper posture and save my neck and back after hours of surgery. They’re so good, I bought a second pair just before I finished fellowship, and now only use Orascoptic loupes in my private practice. ❞