Extended Producer Responsibility

Approach to Recycling

ORASCOPTICTM  supports the principle of Extended Producer Responsibility. We aim to contribute to the efficient use of resources and the retrieval of valuable raw materials through re-use, recycling and other forms of recovery. We therefore actively cooperate with our industry partners, the recycling community and other stakeholders to further improve the collection, treatment and recycling of our EEE products at the end of their lifetime.

ORASCOPTIC is recognized as a producer of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE), and where applicable, Battery, and has, therefore, taken necessary steps to be in compliance with the regulatory responsibilities as a registered producer on specific European markets. ORASCOPTICTM has established recycling contracts with country-approved recycling providers recognized as PROs, (compliance schemes) for the disposal of the specific products placed on the respective markets.

Collection and treatment of EEE / Battery in EU business countries




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Information for Customers / Business End-Users

For disposal of waste, please contact the local compliance scheme in your country.

Business end-users who would like to make use of the provided service for waste disposal shall be aware that: 

  • ORASCOPTIC will sustain the cost of treatment, recovery or recycling of EEE, Battery if the products are purchased from ORASCOPTIC directly.
  • ORASCOPTIC will sustain the cost of data management and reporting in order to demonstrate compliance with applicable national regulations  
  • The customer will sustain the cost of transportation to the agreed disposal / recycler.

If you find the crossed-out wheeled bin on equipment that you have purchased from us, please note that used equipment should not be discarded as unsorted waste but must be sent to separate collection facilities for recovery and recycling. For details regarding collection and recycling facilities available in your region, please reach out to the PRO responsible as indicated above.


*The present information is intended for Ormco business end-users, i.e. health care professionals. Distribution to other recipient(s) is therefore prohibited.*