The Frame

The era of the powered loupe has arrived. We have combined our industry-leading optics and award-winning headlight into a single, lightweight solution.

Dragonfly™  is our frame with fully integrated battery power and circuity operating with a built-in headlight, freeing you from the hassle of cables. 

Our innovative counter-balance design affords all-day comfort by reducing the weight on your nose bridge by as much as 30% compared to a traditional frame.

  • Dragonfly™ PRO

    Our premium model supports our full line of telescopes and is loaded with features, including extra batteries, multiple light intensity settings, and a durable ceramic paint finish. 

  • Dragonfly™ RDH

    Our Dragonfly RDH features our unique line of RDH Elite™ telescopes, designed by hygienists, for hygienists. 

  • Dragonfly™ NEO

    Our entry-level Dragonfly NEO supports 4 popular magnification powers – the preferred loupe of dental students and medical residents alike. 


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